5/30/18 - Asus sends invoice for over $600 dollars (motherboard), wife pays it immediately with credit card 2nd week of June - Wife calls support for status update and is told they will return her phone call within 24-48 hours. They never call back.

2012-1-5 SAPPHIRE Customer Service Center SAPPHIRE Technology is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of innovative components and solutions for PC systems for both consumer and professional applications. The extensive SAPPHIRE product range has grown to include a broad range of Do ASUS laptops support Linux well? - Level1Techs Forums


Mar 15, 2016 · Forums. Hardware. General Hardware ASUS support example. ASUS says, the monitor doesn't support it, and actually confirms it is a PR stunt. Try asking support to reprov your modem. Except that @RegularGuy99 specifically wrote that they can connect when directly connected through the modem, but not when the router is involved. This obviously points to the router as the culprit, and there's nothing wrong with the modem. If you have not received text message with verification code, please check that you have filled in valid mobile number and whether the number can receive the text message Asus FonePad; We aim to be a friendly, educational community dedicated to all things related to the Asus range of tablets. We offer assistance with Android, Windows, Apps, Accessories, Specs, Help and more. Additionally, we cover rooting & ROMing for the Asus Android tablets & offer forum sections on alternate OS options for the Windows models.

2 days ago · After PCIe Gen 4.0 support was made official for Z490 boards, ASUS released a statement claiming that it had achieved a clock jitter rate of less than or equal to 0.5 ps RMS on its Z490

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