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StarHub Said Yesterday’s Disruption Wasn’t a Cyber Attack Starhub’s chief technology officer (CTO) Chong Siew Loong apologised to customers, confirming that the incident was due to a network issue with one of Starhub’s DNS. It was added that the downtime only affected home broadband services. Report for starhub.com pricus.starhub.net.sg. TTL=600 [NO GLUE4] [NO GLUE6] secdns.starhub Having open DNS servers can lead to abuses such as cache poisoning and DOS (denial of service) attacks. Cache poisoning attacks allows under certain conditions to redirect legitimate web traffic, email and other traffic to malicious hosts compromising security. Re: What is starhub’s DNS servers address Hi Buzzed, we have quite a number of DNS servers. However, you should be using DHCP assignment instead of manually specifying your DNS settings on our network. Re: Starhub DNS Servers Hi @harry695 , please send me a private message with your StarHub Account number, registered name, NRIC/FIN, email and contact number, i'll get the technical team to reach out to you.

StarHub's network has achieved the fastest 3G/4G median and peak throughput speeds based on IMDA IMconnected Report H2 2019. Hello flexible add-ons. Enjoy your mobile plan the way you want it with data, talktime and SMS add-ons at no contract, activation fees.

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Sep 18, 2018 · The Domain Name System (DNS) and Online Anonymity. The Domain Name System (DNS) consists of a global network of computers whose job is to translate the word-based URLs or website names that users type into their browsers and Internet-enabled applications into their numerical equivalents as IP (Internet protocol) addresses. Oct 27, 2016 · StarHub in Singapore is the latest large network to get hammered with attacks on its DNS infrastructure – apparently by compromised kit owned by its customers. In keeping with an emerging openness about what's sending networks dark, it posted its troubles to Facebook. Oct 27, 2016 · Secondly, StarHub’s DNS service is an internal service available only to its subscribers. Although I didn’t check this, ISPs in Malaysia host DNS servers that are accessible only by customers of the ISP, and I’m guessing StarHub is the same. 1-Type the command "set network dns x.x.x.x" on CLI; you have to have a primary IP address but you can also add a secondary IP in case you have a second dns server. 2-Go into PLM, copy the information for the CUCM pub and then delete the instance. 3-Make sure that the info on PLM has been saved and now feel free to type "Y" to apply the change. Following close on the heels of the Mirai botnet DDoS attack on DNS service provider Dyn, Singaporean ISP StarHub was hit by two separate DDoS attacks that affected its DNS services for several