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SSE and AVX behavior with aligned/unaligned instructions The penalty for 256 bit unaligned access on Sandy bridge was so large that compilers would always split access to 128 bit pairs. Ivy bridge greatly reduced the penalty but not to the extent that compilers needed to eliminate the splitting. Intel compilers when directed to generate both Sandy and ivy bridge paths should produce only the path overview for unaligned_access - Reddit unaligned_access 18 points 19 points 20 points 10 months ago To be fair, the original challenge states: Write a regular expression which matches a given string consisting of three non-negative , space-separated integers if and only if What does "unaligned access" mean, and how can I fix it? You can use the uac(1) (Unaligned Acces Message Control) command to turn off the messages. If you want to find the the problem in the source code, you can use dbx. Suppose the message is: Fixed up unaligned data access for pid 2337 (bozo) at pc 0x5ad364 This tells you that the problem occurs in the program "bozo". In dbx,

On older ARMs (ARM v5 and earlier), when a Data Abort happened as a result of the unaligned access being faulted, it was implementation defined as to what exactly would be in the "base register". This means, if the register supplying the address has writeback enabled, it was up to the specific implementation to determine whether the register

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Dear all: I use kernel 2.6.18 and I get the kernel panic as below: Unhandled kernel unaligned access[#1]: Cpu 0 $ 0 : 00000000 11000001 0000040a 8721f0d8

Unaligned accesses are allowed to addresses marked as Normal, but not to Device regions. An unaligned access to a Device region will trigger an exception (alignment fault). Unaligned accesses to regions marked as Normal can be trapped by setting SCTLR_ELx.A. If this bit is set, unaligned accesses to Normal regions also generate alignment faults. Unaligned | Definition of Unaligned by Merriam-Webster