Celo Hungaria Kft. was incorporated on February 25, 2003. It currently has a total number of 11 (2019) employees. There was a net sales revenue increase of 33.37% reported in Celo Hungaria Kft.’s latest financial highlights for 2018. Its’ total assets recorded a growth of 22.58%. In 2018, Celo Hungaria Kft.’s net profit margin increased

The Celo Healthcare Professional Network features an Authenticated Healthcare Directory. By authenticating all users of Celo, we ensure an up to date and safe network of healthcare professionals. Using Celo, finding the right colleague at the right time is easy and secure. Active Directory integration is available for our Enterprise customers. About Us - Celo Celo ensures patient information is kept safe and secure, improves workflow and delivers patient care more efficiently, while always keeping the patient first in mind and at the centre of care. By connecting healthcare professionals throughout the patients care network, Celo ensures the patient receives optimal care no matter where they are. Xelo U Celo - video dailymotion Nov 03, 2007 CELO - About us

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Celo – Meet Celo Celo uses Telematics and Behavioural analytics powered by AI to reward customers and promote good behaviour. Telematics will not be used to negatively affect insurance premiums. Celo is a trading name of Artis FS Ltd, A company registered in the United Kingdom.

Feb 05, 2020

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